Although we really enjoyed Lisbon and Sintra, we felt the urge to continue traveling and experience new things. Today’s agenda was to leave the hustle and bustle of the capital city and head north towards the city of Obidos for lunch and then to Aveiro.

22 July Map: Today we covered 305 km (190 miles) from Lisbon to Aveiro.

Leaving Lisbon while sharing the roads with trollys and their trolly tracks.

Santíssima Trindade Church

Just outside Lisbon, in Miraflores, sits a unique and very modern church designed by Portuguese architect Troufa Real.

The rocket-like construction symbolizes the infinite possibilities of mans horizon.

The interior of the church is simple but brightly colored with lots of natural light from the large skylight which casts unique shadows on the circular walls.

As well the singers as the players on instruments shall be there: all my springs are in thee.

Psalms 87:7

A small nave has three modern stained glass windows with the center one depicting Jesus Christ.

The Ruins of Sanatório Albergaria Grandella

Although we plan to see a few places during our daily travels, it’s often the instantaneous pop-up places that we remember the most. As we passed by the ruins of what appeared to be an old castle, we quickly turned around to get a closer look.

This property was originally intended to be hospital for the wealthy. Construction began in 1919 but due to financial problems after WWI the hospital was never completed. There is sat and decayed with nature slowly taking it back over time.

14 years ago the property was purchased by an affluent developer who intended to build a nursing home among the ruins, however due to buorocratic delays, the building was never started.

The ruins and the surrounding lands are for sale – Cost 800,000 EUR (972,232 USD). The red motorcycle is not included in the price.

The Medieval Town of Obidos, Portugal

It was almost time for lunch so we decided to check out the Medieval town of Obidos.

This area of Portugal was first settled by celt tribes, then Phoenicians, and then Romans. The Moors occupied these regions from 8th to the 12th centuries and in 1148 it was captured by King Alfonzo I, the first king of Portugal.

For a touristy town, there was not many people carousing the narrow streets.

In July the town has a medieval market with two weeks of medieval themed parades, merchants, and food such as roast hog, lamb, and quail.

Chantil loves archery so when she found the chance to shoot some arrows into a target she was super excited. The first one missed, the second one hit the target, but by the third shot she has it locked in – Bullseye!

Our favorite part of the castle was being able to walk along the castle walls. Although some may say it’s dangerous, the walkway is wide enough for reasonable agile folks.

The rest of the day was spend enjoying riding the roads and the perfect summer temperatures. Before long, we reached the town of Aveiro where we had a hostel type Airbnbn reserved.

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Join us as we explore a bit of Aveiro and the coastal town of Costa Nova. Afterwards we ride along some motorcycle roads until reaching a boat Airbnb near Porto.

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