When we started planning for our motorcycle travels, Chantil and I agreed to plan destinations based on the perfect temperature of 75-80° F. No super hot or cold weather for us! The west central coast of Portugal in late July felt about perfect as we traveled through the coastal town of Aveiro and Costa Nova.

After our breakfast at the Airbnb, we went for a short walk to explore the port town of Aveiro. 


This town was established during Roman times and is known for it’s cod fishing, salt production, and the canals with gondola style boats. Our walk was so early in the morning that the gondola styled boats were not operating…

…but we did enjoy some street art that we discovered along the way.

Where’s Waldo? …Err, I mean Travis?

Monument to the Soft Eggs

Based on this interesting monument, Aveiro is also famous for it’s oves moles (soft eggs). What are soft eggs? In the 16th century, the nuns, of the local church, would use egg whites to iron their habits and would have excess egg yolks. They added sugar and then shaped the yoke into wafer shapes of shells, fish, and starfish. It’s been a local delicacy ever since.

Unfortunately, we didn’t learn about these local treats until after we left Aveiro. If you try them, let us know what you think of oves moles?

Costa Nova

Not too far away from Aveiro is the beach town of Costa Nova. Unfortunately, once we arrived, the entire waterfront was socked in with a cloud layer that blocked out the sun and took away a bit of the summer feeling.

However, the wonderfully colorful striped houses brought back that summer feeling!

The name Costa Nova means New Shore and started as a fishing community in the early 19th century. 

Tourist come from all over to enjoy the the sandy beached and the wonderfully colorful and bright striped houses. Don’t they look amazing?

We enjoyed walking among the boardwalk and seeing all the unique styled homes before crossing the wooden pathways that cross the lagoon to the sandy beach. 

Even the plastic chameleons toys are brightly colored in Costa Nova!

Riding from Costa Nova to Porto

After a nice morning of seeing these two coastal towns, it was time to ride some twisty roads to our destination of Porto. Of course, we could have hopped on the freeway and got there quicker, albeit with the included tolls, but what fun would that be?

We scoped out some roads recommended by the website Motorcycle Diaries and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon riding through Portugal.

Someone recently asked us why we don’t travel by car or van? Our response was “Have you ridden a motorcycle?”

Riding through small towns, and twisty, rural, two-lane roads is exactly what motorcycle were made for.

Near the end of the day, we reached our destination, just south of Porto, Portugal. We were going to spend the night in a unique Airbnb on the water! Until the next adventure…

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Next Blog Post

We’ll show you the Airbnb we lived on for a weekend, and then continue our motorcycle travels north through the charming coastal city of Porto!

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23 Jul 2020 | Costa Nova, Portugal

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