UPSHIFT Online Magazine

Our favorite off-road motorcycle magazines is, without a doubt, UPSHIFT Online. The high quality photography, clean layout, fascinating world travel articles, and free cost is what sets UPSHIFT apart from the others. With each monthly issue we would pour over the wonderful photography of Tim Burke, Michnus Olivier, Olivier de Vaulx, and many others that would inspire us to take to the road and discover the world for ourselves one day.

It has always been a dream of ours to be featured in such a revered magazine and we’ve had the wonderful pleasure of being regular photographers and writers for UPSHIFT over the past couple years.

We’ve included a photo of the first page of our articles. Clicking on the photo will open the article.

Issue 68Illyria Raid – Off-road Through the Balkans is a collaboration article with the talented photographer Alessio Corrodinini, where I describe my experience in my first organized motorcycle event.

Issue 68Bosnia & Herzegovina highlights some of the adventures we had and seeing iconic ruins of our first memorable Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo.

Issue 67Kosovo – From Ruins of War to Hope describes our experiences while riding through this despited country.

Issue 66 – Our favorite issue of the year is the Wide Open – Year in Photos edition where the editors pick some of the most memorable photography from the year. We are pleased to be a large part of the collection.

Issue 64The Big Welsh Adventure travels through the beauty of the UK country of Wales with Moto Junkies

Issue 63 – North Macedonia explores the very interesting country of North Macedonia

Issue 61 – Albania a Country of Contrasts describes our two-months in Albania

Issue 59 – Mountainous Montenegro travels through the country of Montenegro

Issue 57 – Croatia the Jewel of the Adriatic covers our three months of riding around the wonderful country of Croatia

Issue 55 – Northern Spain, France, and Italy highlights some of our favorite moments of these countries

Issue 54 – Southeastern Spain and Portugal shares stories of these two memorable countries

Issue 52 – Trans Euro Trail Croatia focuses on our 5-day offroad travels in Croatia

Issue 51 – Trans Euro Trail Spain describes the freedom of riding a portion of the TET in Spain