Welcome to viajarMOTO – our website dedicated to sharing our lifestyle of full-time motorcycle travel. We are Travis and Chantil – a couple who decided to take a mid-life crisis sabbatical and tour as much of the world as we can via motorcycle. Join us as we explore this “pale blue dot” we call home.

Watch all 34 episodes of SEASON 1 as we ride from Germany, through France, and around the eastern and southern coasts of Spain!

We’ve had the pleasure of being a regular contributing photographer and writer to our favorite motorcycle magazine – UPSHIFT Online. Issue 54 showcases some of our favorite moments as we traveled through Spain and Portugal. Issue 52 focuses on our 5-day offroad travels via the Trans Euro Trail (TET) in Croatia. Issue 51 describes the freedom of riding a portion of the TET in Spain after a two-month lockdown.

Listen to our interview on Adventure Rider Radio! Thanks to Jim and Elizabeth for their inspiring podcast that we’ve really enjoyed listening to over the last few years. We’ve also been interviewed by Neil of Bionic Bikers and Allan Karl of World Rider.

32 Countries – 1,300 days – 38,200 miles

as of 31 Jan 2021