Welcome to viajarMOTO! We are Travis and Chantil – a couple who decided pack our lives aboard our two BMW G650GS motorcycles mules and travel the world. Since March 2020 we’ve been full-time traveling throughout Europe and a bit of north Africa. Join us as we share videos, blog posts, and photographs in our journey to explore this “pale blue dot” we call home.

via•jar•mo•to (byah-hahr-mō-tō)

Why viajarMOTO? The very first country we explored, outside of the United States, was Baja Mexico. In honor of this country, and its language, we decided to use the Spanish verb “viajar” which means to travel. “MOTO” is short for our beloved motorcycles.

Video Travel Series

We shoot, edit, and produce a YouTube travel channel of our motorcycle adventures. Each episode is different – sometimes we’re carving through curved mountain roads, sometimes we’re riding through the remote backcountry on dirt and gravel roads, other times we’re discovering a unique hike, or visiting an interesting landmark or city. Whatever it is, we’re sharing the adventure!

We are currently editing and producing SEASON 3 – Where we explore the beautiful country of Croatia over three months in the autumn season.

2023 Motorcycle Overland Calendar

We are excited to share our passion of travel, motorcycle overlanding, and photography with another yearly calendar! These photographs were selected from hundreds of our favorites from the last year of European and north African travels that included the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. They provide a nice blend of adventure motorcycling, natural beauty, and architecture from around Europe and Tunisia.

Order your 2023 calendar today – Directly from Lulu.com!

The Moment Collectors

We are extremely elated to be involved in the next book from Sam Manicom titled The Moment Collectors which features twenty stories from motorcycle overlanders from around the world. We share a chapter titled “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” which is about life’s progressions, discovering motorcycles later in life, and a moment of elation on a highway in Ireland. It’s available for order now!


Thanks to Jim and Elizabeth for their inspiring podcast – Adventure Rider Radio. We’ve had the pleasure of being a guest on their podcast a few times: The World is Too Big, Riding the Balkans – The Adventure Continues, Navigating Travel During the Pandemic and The Moment Collectors.

We’ve also been interviewed by Wes Fleming of Chasing the Horizon, Neil of Bionic Bikers, Allan Karl of World Rider, and Stuart of Spain Speaks.

82,800 miles – 1,301 days – 52 countries

as of 31 Aug 2023