Hiking the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Southern Spain

Welcome to our website viajarMOTO! We are Travis and Chanti – two Americans, on German motorcycles, with a Spanish named website, looking to explore as much of the world as we can. Our reason for traveling is “not to run away from life, but so that life does not run away from us.”

In 2015 we purchased our first motorcycle – A 2011 BMW G650GS. A few months later we found and bought another one – a 2012 BMW G650GS Sertao. These two motorcycles have taken us on a lot of adventures. Our first, outside the United States ride, was a 9-day trip of Baja Mexico. After Baja we were hooked! We were going to ride the world!!

Shortly after Baja, we accepted a job in Germany and decided to sell most of our possessions and ride from California to Maine where we would ship the motorcycles to Iceland. Our trip to Iceland and the Faroe Islands was an incredibly wonderful time and further solidified future plans to travel full-time.

While we lived in Germany, we had some vacation time to ride much of Eastern Europe to include, France, Belgium, Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland. Travis recently participated in a rally raid from Greece to Croatia. Chantil joined Steph Jeavons, and an all-women group of motorcycles, that rode to Everest Base Camp in Tibet from Nepal.

This past March, we started full-time motorcycle travel and enjoyed two weeks of travel through Germany, eastern France, and Spain before our travels were cut short by the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across Europe and most of the world. We are currently waiting it out in southern Spain and hope to begin traveling again in June…

Thank you for joining us on the adventure,
Travis and Chantil

…Exploring this “pale blue dot” we call home…

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