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Venice, Italy – The Queen of the Adriatic

Although Chantil and I prefer the isolation of riding our motorcycles on a twisty coastal road or a desert dirt path, we both agree that there are some cities that are definitely worth visiting. Iconic cities like New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, and of course Venice, Italy. We arrived to the city via an early morning bus ride … Read More Venice, Italy – The Queen of the Adriatic

Acts of Love and a Bear Made of Trash

I unzipped the opening of our tent and let the morning sun flood inside. We both peered outside and marveled at the mountain peaks guarding us like giant rock sentinels. Our previous day’s efforts, of riding the challenging 5.3 miles (8.5 kms) military road, had paid off with one of the best wild campsites we’ve ever experienced in Europe! We were feeling quite accomplished … Read More Acts of Love and a Bear Made of Trash

Summer in Aveiro and Costa Nova, Portugal

When we started planning for our motorcycle travels, Chantil and I agreed to plan destinations based on the perfect temperature of 75-80° F. No super hot or cold weather for us! The west central coast of Portugal in late July felt about perfect as we traveled through the coastal town of Aveiro and Costa Nova. After our breakfast at the Airbnb, we went for … Read More Summer in Aveiro and Costa Nova, Portugal

Discovering “Trash Animals” in Europe

If you’ve been following our travels throughout Europe, you’ll soon discover that we are fans of street art and murals. Whenever we visit a large city we will typically reserve one day to walk around and discover the unique artist. One particular artist that has stood out to us is environmental artist Artur Bordalo, who goes by Bordalo II (pronounced Bordalo Segundo). Bordalo II … Read More Discovering “Trash Animals” in Europe

Street Art of Lisbon, Portugal

In 2017, I had my first experience with Europen street art and murals while visiting the northern city of Reykjavik, Iceland. I was impressed by the high artistic quality of many muralists that covered entire building walls. Ever since then, whenever I visit a large city, I try to spend at least a day searching for street art and murals. Some of my favorite … Read More Street Art of Lisbon, Portugal

Júzcar – The Smurfiest Village in Europe

I first heard of the village of Júzcar after reading about it on Atlas Obscura. Chantil and I love road-side attractions and an entire village painted Smurf blue definitely counts, in our view, as something to see and expereince. Just a nice easy day of riding a 51 km (32 miles) loop from Ronda to Júzcar and back. The day was already shaping up … Read More Júzcar – The Smurfiest Village in Europe

Multicolored Málaga, Spain

Our tour of southern Spain continues as we take a day to explore the colorful coastal city of Málaga. Málaga is one of the oldest European cities and was originally founded by the Phoenicians as Malaka over 2,800 years ago. The Home and Museum of Pablo Picasso Our first stop was to learn more about the Spanish artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso. He was born … Read More Multicolored Málaga, Spain

Leaving Murcia Feels Bittersweet

Today is the end of the State of Alarm here in Spain! Today, the country’s borders will be reopened to Europe and free movement between regions will resume for the first time since March 14. The last three months have had its shares of up and downs. Although we found a wonderful Airbnb to weather the pandemic, it’s has still been difficult as times. … Read More Leaving Murcia Feels Bittersweet

Street Art in the Region of Murcia, Spain

Whenever we visit a city or town, one of our favorite activities is to search for public art – especially street art and murals. Although our travel is currently limited to the region of Murcia, we discovered that there is quite a lot of artwork to see within this diverse region. 🗓: 7 Jun | 🌍: Cartagena, Spain Our original reason for traveling to … Read More Street Art in the Region of Murcia, Spain