In 2017, I had my first experience with Europen street art and murals while visiting the northern city of Reykjavik, Iceland. I was impressed by the high artistic quality of many muralists that covered entire building walls.

Ever since then, whenever I visit a large city, I try to spend at least a day searching for street art and murals. Some of my favorite street art discoveries have been in Berlin, Paris, Glasgow, Cologne, Antwerp, Heerlen, and in the region of Murcia, Spain.

After spending an afternoon discovering Lisbon’s open-air gallery of tile covered façades and street art from artist like Bordalo II, AKA Corleone, Shepard Fairey, and Utopia, you can add Lisbon to the list of my favorite street art cities.

Here are just some of the street art and colors that caught my cameras eye. Enjoy…

I love the graphic nature of street signs so I felt this bicycle on the side of the building was a unique style.

A underground subway surprised us as we entered and noticed the transformation from concrete to this gallery of street artist.

This tiny trees and windows were on the curb of a street. Most people passed right by them without even noticing.

I know it’s just some torn up posters hanging from a brick wall – but there is something about the image and single toned blue color that I found interesting.

This partially hidden cul-de-sac had street art, recyclable architecture built from cargo containers and busses, and various food trucks.

This could be just another street sign but the cartoon bird figure makes it so much more.

Portugal streets are unique to many other European cities in that colored tiles are often used in public art. I was impressed at the wide variety of color and designs of these terracotta square tiles.

Even the streets are lined with the wonderful colors of glazed tiles!

Something as simple as repeating script in simple black and white looked great on a large wall.

One of my favorite artist is Utopia – Check out his artwork here:

I feel there is a key difference between street art and graffiti. This trolly is covered in graffiti of poor quality. It would look so much better in a solid two-tone paint job.

In late May, Gorge Floyd was killed by a policeman of the Minneapolis Police Department. This started protests in hundreds of US cities and spread throughout many other parts of the world – Lisbon included.

These photographs just scratch the surface of the large amount of art and murals that are hidden among the streets of the beautiful city of Lisbon. In a future blog post, I’ll focus on my favorite Lisbon artist – Bordalo II.

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Join us for a day trip to the nearby resort town of Sintra, where we enjoy the mediaeval Castle of the Moors, the romanticist Pena National Palace, and the park of Quinta da Regaleira.

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🗓: 21 Jul 2020 | 🌍: Lisbon, Portugal

4 Comments on “Street Art of Lisbon, Portugal

  1. I love the one between the trolly and Floyd. It reminds me of some Aztec drawings that my wife brought from Mexico

  2. the robot is funny even though they look very serious, others are just super nice in composition and rich rich colors – amazing open museum!

    • I think this is my favorite reason I love street art – it’s like an open air museum that doesn’t charge admission.

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