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Beauty Abounds in Northern Istria, Croatia

A few days ago we were chatting with a German van traveler about our shared travels throughout Europe. One of his favorite memories was the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia and we shared our excitement of having visited this area as well. He later commented that he loved this region of Croatia, but felt it was too crowded with German speaking tourists. Our experience was … Read More Beauty Abounds in Northern Istria, Croatia

Riding the West Coast of Croatia’s Istria Peninsula

When we arrived in Croatia we had some knowledge of famous coastal cities like Dubrovnik, Split, and the natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park, however we didn’t know anything about the Istria Peninsula located in the northwest of the country. After a wonderful day in the city of Pula, we were eager to experience more of this coastal region of Croatia. Today’s ride … Read More Riding the West Coast of Croatia’s Istria Peninsula


2022 Calendar Review

Chantil and I look forward to October each year because we start putting together the yearly viajarMOTO Overland Motorcycle Calendar. We pour through hundreds of our favorite photographs and make the painstaking process of widdeling them down to just a cover photograph and twelve others that capture the natural beauty of the countries we visit, and the adventure of traveling on two wheels. Each … Read More 2022 Calendar Review


Summary of 2021

We were both very apprehensive of 2021 on January 1st. Although the COVID pandemic seemed to be subsiding there were still many uncertainties. We both sensed that getting vaccinated was vital to us being able to continue traveling. However, the chances of two American citizens getting a vaccination in a foreign country looked bleak, especially in the regions of Europe that were struggling to … Read More Summary of 2021

Product Review: Motorcycle Recover System

After recovering my motorcycle from dropping it off a steep embankment, one of the three Italian man who helped us asked “Why do you have this rope and pulley system? Do you drop your motorcycle off cliffs regularly?” I didn’t find his comment amusing at the time, but afterwards could see the humor in the situation. How did we get ourselves, or should I … Read More Product Review: Motorcycle Recover System

Product Review: The Helmet Hook

I don’t particularly like doing product reviews. I would rather reminisce over memories of our travel videos than shoot, edit, and publish product review videos. However, when George, the inventor of The Helmet Hook, reached out to provide a review, I said “Why not?” It’s been a wonderful product that has served us well over the last 5 years of motorcycling. The Problem Our … Read More Product Review: The Helmet Hook

Finding Childhood Nostalgia at Villa del Balbianello, Italy

The STAR WARS movies captured my interests from the very first time I watched the first movie in 1978. As a young child, I was immediately drawn into these wonderful futuristic, yet believable worlds. The space scenes, the desert landscapes of Tatooine, and the jungles of Yavin 4 all seemed like places I could imagine myself visiting someday. Here we are 42 years later, … Read More Finding Childhood Nostalgia at Villa del Balbianello, Italy

A Long Slog to Fort de Viraysse

After the previous two long days of riding our motorcycles 880 km (547 miles) on paved roads, we were itching to slow down and do a bit of exploring via the less traveled dirt roads. Fortunately, we were in the French Alps so there were plenty of dirt road options available. The day started with some wonderful riding through small French towns and narrow … Read More A Long Slog to Fort de Viraysse

Riding through Provence and Verdon Gorge, France

We are flying! Covering 880 km (547 miles) in two days is not our typical happy travel pace. On average, we tend to travel no more than 150-200 miles (240-320 km) per day. So why the rush? Because we felt like we were running out of time. As American citizens, we are limited to 90 days of travel in Schengen Europe areas (highlighted below … Read More Riding through Provence and Verdon Gorge, France

Riding from Lisbon to Aveiro, Portugal

Although we really enjoyed Lisbon and Sintra, we felt the urge to continue traveling and experience new things. Today’s agenda was to leave the hustle and bustle of the capital city and head north towards the city of Obidos for lunch and then to Aveiro. 22 July Map: Today we covered 305 km (190 miles) from Lisbon to Aveiro. Leaving Lisbon while sharing the … Read More Riding from Lisbon to Aveiro, Portugal

Discovering “Trash Animals” in Europe

If you’ve been following our travels throughout Europe, you’ll soon discover that we are fans of street art and murals. Whenever we visit a large city we will typically reserve one day to walk around and discover the unique artist. One particular artist that has stood out to us is environmental artist Artur Bordalo, who goes by Bordalo II (pronounced Bordalo Segundo). Bordalo II … Read More Discovering “Trash Animals” in Europe

Spiritually Fed in Lisbon, Portugal

When Chantil and I discussed full-time travel, one of the most important things to us was ensuring we continued to honor the “sabbath” by attending church services and spending the day focused on relaxing and more spiritual thoughts. As Christians, our sabbath is typically on Sunday in the western world. Since the COVID-19 pandemic it has been very difficult to attend church services. Our … Read More Spiritually Fed in Lisbon, Portugal