If you’ve been following our travels throughout Europe, you’ll soon discover that we are fans of street art and murals. Whenever we visit a large city we will typically reserve one day to walk around and discover the unique artist.

One particular artist that has stood out to us is environmental artist Artur Bordalo, who goes by Bordalo II (pronounced Bordalo Segundo).

Bordalo II was born in 1987 in Lisbon, Portugal and is known for creating impressive animal sculptures and murals from street garbage.

Photo by Martha Cooper from www.bordaloii.com

His most famous pieces are what he calls Big Trash Animals where he uses the trash and plastics that so often destroy the fragile habitats of the very animals he creates.

Bordalo II creates various styles of Big Trash Animals to include: Neutral (painted natural colors), Half-Half (half painted and half plastic), and Plastics (all plastic). These are just a few of the ones we’ve come across while riding our motorcycles around Europe.

Half Fox (2017) Lisbon, Portugal
Half Chimp (2017) Lisbon, Portugal
Pelicans (2020) Lisbon, Portugal
Big Raccoon (2015) Belem, Portugal
Plastic Iberian Lynx (2019) Lisbon, Portugal
Plastic Frog (2017) Lisbon, Portugal
Half Rabbit (2017) Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Bear (2016) Torino, Italy

These are just a small sampling of the ones we have come across in our travels. Check out his website to search for some his artwork in your local area. He has produced artwork in Europe, North America, South America, Polynesia, and Asia.

The second part of the video (from 3:44) is about the “Trash Animals”

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🗓: 21 Jul 2020 | 🌍: Lisbon, Portugal

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  1. I really appreciate Bordallo II, he’s one of the best new artists and I feel very lucky with the chance to find his works in my hometown eheh have a great 2021 and cheers from Lisbon 🙂 PedroL

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