Whenever we visit a city or town, one of our favorite activities is to search for public art – especially street art and murals. Although our travel is currently limited to the region of Murcia, we discovered that there is quite a lot of artwork to see within this diverse region.

🗓: 7 Jun | 🌍: Cartagena, Spain

Our original reason for traveling to Cartagena was to visit the Roman Theatre Museum and National Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Unfortunate both museums have been closed during the nation-wide quarantine, so we decided to walk around and enjoy the streets and parks of the city.

Typography is one of my favorite art forms.

Even a bicycle rack can be artistic.

The National Museum of Underwater Archaeology

I like the tile design and bold lettering of this temporary wall.

Hidden among the streets is this interesting stairwell…

…with murals covering the walls.

The shadows create their own designs.

Stupid COVID-19!

Are airplanes considered art? I sure think so.

A wonderful colored stairwell…

…with bold lines and gradient colors.

We were especially surprised by the various artwork and sculptures contained within the Torres Park. This park also provided exceptional views of the nearby Roman Theater.

This is just one of a collection of brightly colored tile murals.

Just outside Cartagena city center is a wonderful mural dedicated to the fisherman of the region.

Bright colors blended across this long mural.

Laser cut metal was used for the fish.

Details of the colors.

The fisherman tying a knot.

Torre-Pacheco, Spain

Maria, our AirBnB hostess, took us to the nearby town of Torre-Pacheco. I was surprised by the diversity and activity in the streets on the Friday evening. I was also impressed by the quality of the murals hiding behind corners that caught my camera’s eye.

A perfect mural for a town with a high concentration of African immigrants. The struggles of immigrants, and people of different skin colors, has been on my mind a lot lately. I wonder how different our world would be if we didn’t classify people by their skin color or geographical area?

I’m not sure what the message is…

…but I love the bright greens, reds, and blues

This is part of a larger mural where the girl and this robot seem to be creating a world.

Every world must include kitty cats, dinosaurs, and street art, right?

A youthful mural of a boy getting ready for some summer fun.

This next mural surprised me! After taking the picture of the boy and snorkel I turned around and there it was…

I like the cartoon contradiction highlighting the…

…severity and stupidly of war.

Los Nietos, Spain

This beautiful mural was almost passed by without even a glance. We were traveling west and this mural is on the eastern side of the building. Fortunately, Chantil noticed it in her rear view mirror!

A large mural covering a building a wall.

A colorful whale swims among fish and turtle in a wall of blue.

This is a motorcycle travel blog after all, so I need to have at LEAST ONE picture of a motorcycle…

Apache and the mural.

Some details like these sea horses are created in ceramic.

Los Alcázares, Spain

I found out about this town during some online research. Los Alcázares had been recently involved in an art celebration where various mural artists were invited to paint the town with their unique and beautiful styles.

One of my favorites!

This mural is dedicated to the challenges of living on the water and the recent flooding they experienced in 2019.

Charlie Chaplin with skates

I like how the artist used the ledge to create a fun painting.

A wonderful painting of a smiling child…
…with hands that are cracking and falling apart.
A boring white home comes alive with this vibrant tree…
…and flowers!
So many murals with their own artistic style.
This mural is made entirely from colored tiles!
The Spanish Bull!
Video highlights of street art in Los Alcázares, Cartagena, and Torre-Pacheco.
Final thoughts…

The region of Murcia has it’s own style and beauty just waiting to be experienced. It’s been enjoyable spending some time in this region and getting to appreciate some of its variety. We both are extremely grateful for a colorful world full of unique artistic styles and cultures that make life so interesting. We can’t wait to experience more…

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  1. love the picture with the kid, ready for summer and the “ocean” picture you’ve almost missed. They are amazing but the mule with it’s bright colours is a simple must if there is none painted. We love that you see and display the mostly hidden, unseen in a way that makes them look their very best in the light that creates even more art. Thanks for your talented eye-art 🙂

    • Huszka family, thanks for the wonderfully kind comments. The world is full of wonderful art, isn’t it!

    • Nacho, thanks for the link to these beautiful silos in La Mancha! We’ll make sure to add them to our bucket list of things to see in Spain.

    • By the way, I have put a link to your YouTube channel on a Spaniard YouTube chanel who has toured Spain and Portugal on a 125cc Yamaha and has many followers who like adventure trips by motorcycle. I hope it attracts new followers to your channel. This is the channel: https://youtu.be/hhTC8jodHVg

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