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Looking Back on 2022

We were recently talking to a hotel host in Morocco who inquired where we were from. This is always an interesting question, because as travelers, we feel we’re “from” wherever we started our day. However, to avoid confusion, we just say “California” since most people know of California from movies and television. The next question, upon seeing that we’re on motorcycles, is “Did you … Read More Looking Back on 2022


2023 Calendar Review

Chantil and I look forward to October each year because we start putting together the yearly viajarMOTO Overland Motorcycle Calendar. We pour through hundreds of our favorite photographs and make the painstaking process of whittling them down to just a cover photograph and twelve others that capture the natural beauty of the countries we visit, and the adventure of traveling on two wheels. These … Read More 2023 Calendar Review


Summary of 2021

We were both very apprehensive of 2021 on January 1st. Although the COVID pandemic seemed to be subsiding there were still many uncertainties. We both sensed that getting vaccinated was vital to us being able to continue traveling. However, the chances of two American citizens getting a vaccination in a foreign country looked bleak, especially in the regions of Europe that were struggling to … Read More Summary of 2021

Playa de Las Catedrales & Las Médulas, Spain

There are some days that we look back on that are truly memorable. This was one of those days. Both of these landmarks have been on our push-pinned Google map for a long time, so when we were finally seeing them in person it was pretty exciting. Our original plan was to visit Playa de Las Catedrales on Friday. We had arrived to the … Read More Playa de Las Catedrales & Las Médulas, Spain

Obscurities on Spain’s Northwestern Coast

I should have known that it would be a challenge to get any sleep as soon as we rolled into the campsite and saw how crowded it was. The entire campsite was full of campers, cars, kids on bicycles, and families enjoying the warm weather and wonderful Spanish sun. The camp-host did her best to find us a small grassy section that was wedged … Read More Obscurities on Spain’s Northwestern Coast

Exploring the Region of Western Galicia, Spain

After a week of hiking the Camino de Santiago, we were really excited to be back on our mules once again. The advantages of motorcycle touring compared to hiking were obvious because we easily covered more than twice the distance in one day as it took us to hike the entire week. We left Tui, Spain with the plan to see three sites: The … Read More Exploring the Region of Western Galicia, Spain


Summary of 2020

What a YEAR! Never in our wildest imaginations did we expect a year like 2020! It definitely had its ups and downs… This is a short summary of our year of full-time motorcycle traveling starting in Idaho, United States and ending in Budva, Montenegro. January It was a wonderful blessing to take the time to visit with most of our family in Idaho. We … Read More Summary of 2020

A Voyage of Discovery in 1492

What a bizarre year 2020 is shaping up to be! While rioters in the United States are tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus during Black Lives Matters (BLM) rallies, we’re on our way to learn more about the ships and the location of one of history’s most famous expeditions – the discovery of the new continent by the Europeans. This blog post covers 125 … Read More A Voyage of Discovery in 1492

Seville – The Pearl of Andalusia

While in Seville, we stayed at an Airbnb. Our hostess, Maria, owns a large home where she rents a couple private rooms. She also allowed us to park our motorcycling securely inside her gated yard. This adventure was going to be on foot! This was our 8 km (5 mile) walking route through the various parks, city center, and some attractions of Seville. We … Read More Seville – The Pearl of Andalusia

Exploring the Towns of Western Andalusia

With the temperatures in Seville being forecast to be over 40.5°C (105°F), I was starting to wonder why on Earth we were planning a trip there? Wouldn’t it be more comfortable riding along the cooler coast instead of sweating under heavy motorcycle gear inland? Riding in hot temperatures can be unpleasant, no doubt, but a bit of uncomfortably was not worth missing out on … Read More Exploring the Towns of Western Andalusia

Ronda, Spain – A Majestic City on a Cliff

Ronda, Spain is a town in the province of Málaga that is best known for its strikingly beautiful Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) that spans the 120-metre-deep (390 ft) chasm created by the Guadalevín River. The old part of the town is small enough that it is best appreciated by walking. We recommend starting this 3.7 meter route about 1.5 hours before sunset so you … Read More Ronda, Spain – A Majestic City on a Cliff

Júzcar – The Smurfiest Village in Europe

I first heard of the village of Júzcar after reading about it on Atlas Obscura. Chantil and I love road-side attractions and an entire village painted Smurf blue definitely counts, in our view, as something to see and expereince. Just a nice easy day of riding a 51 km (32 miles) loop from Ronda to Júzcar and back. The day was already shaping up … Read More Júzcar – The Smurfiest Village in Europe