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Riding from Lisbon to Aveiro, Portugal

Although we really enjoyed Lisbon and Sintra, we felt the urge to continue traveling and experience new things. Today’s agenda was to leave the hustle and bustle of the capital city and head north towards the city of Obidos for lunch and then to Aveiro. 22 July Map: Today we covered 305 km (190 miles) from Lisbon to Aveiro. Leaving Lisbon while sharing the … Read More Riding from Lisbon to Aveiro, Portugal


Summary of 2020

What a YEAR! Never in our wildest imaginations did we expect a year like 2020! It definitely had its ups and downs… This is a short summary of our year of full-time motorcycle traveling starting in Idaho, United States and ending in Budva, Montenegro. January It was a wonderful blessing to take the time to visit with most of our family in Idaho. We … Read More Summary of 2020

The Southwestern Coastal Route, Portugal

We never intended to be in Portugal this late in the season. Our original plan, back in February, was to enjoy Portugal in May and ride predominately off-road on the Portugal Adventure Country Track (ACT). The ACT is a series of published off-road trails designed for motorcycles and four-wheel drive vehicles. Portugal was the first one to be published and there are currently three … Read More The Southwestern Coastal Route, Portugal

Portugal’s Southeastern Algarve Region

Over the last three month, the borders between Portugal and Spain had been closed due to COVID-19. As of July 1st, they were reopened to travelers, and we were beyond exited to be finally entering a new country! Crossing the Puente Internacional del Guadiana into a new country – Portugal! After crossing the border, we entered the Algarve region. This southernmost region of Portugal … Read More Portugal’s Southeastern Algarve Region

A Voyage of Discovery in 1492

What a bizarre year 2020 is shaping up to be! While rioters in the United States are tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus during Black Lives Matters (BLM) rallies, we’re on our way to learn more about the ships and the location of one of history’s most famous expeditions – the discovery of the new continent by the Europeans. This blog post covers 125 … Read More A Voyage of Discovery in 1492

Exploring the Towns of Western Andalusia

With the temperatures in Seville being forecast to be over 40.5°C (105°F), I was starting to wonder why on Earth we were planning a trip there? Wouldn’t it be more comfortable riding along the cooler coast instead of sweating under heavy motorcycle gear inland? Riding in hot temperatures can be unpleasant, no doubt, but a bit of uncomfortably was not worth missing out on … Read More Exploring the Towns of Western Andalusia

Júzcar – The Smurfiest Village in Europe

I first heard of the village of Júzcar after reading about it on Atlas Obscura. Chantil and I love road-side attractions and an entire village painted Smurf blue definitely counts, in our view, as something to see and expereince. Just a nice easy day of riding a 51 km (32 miles) loop from Ronda to Júzcar and back. The day was already shaping up … Read More Júzcar – The Smurfiest Village in Europe

Caminito del Rey – World’s Most Dangerous Walkway?

I first heard of El Caminito del Rey on a travel website showing insane pictures of precarious rusted walkways that nearly clung to cliff walls with three hundred foot drop-offs. I remember the sense of adrenaline I felt from seeing the pictures and it was something that I wanted to experience first hand. I added a “want to go” pin to my Google Maps … Read More Caminito del Rey – World’s Most Dangerous Walkway?

Multicolored Málaga, Spain

Our tour of southern Spain continues as we take a day to explore the colorful coastal city of Málaga. Málaga is one of the oldest European cities and was originally founded by the Phoenicians as Malaka over 2,800 years ago. The Home and Museum of Pablo Picasso Our first stop was to learn more about the Spanish artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso. He was born … Read More Multicolored Málaga, Spain

Hiking El Torcal de Antequera, Spain

Today I turned 48 years old! I never imagined years ago that I would be enjoying my birthday riding through southern Spain on a motorcycle during a world-wide virus pandemic. We’ve got a great day of riding and hiking planned so we loaded the mules and headed south towards cooler temperatures of the Mediterranean coast. Our route covered 182 km (113 miles) of riding … Read More Hiking El Torcal de Antequera, Spain

Culturally Colorful Córdoba, Spain

Our motorcycle travels continue west along the southern coast of Spain as we leave the city of Granada and make our way inland to the culturally colorful city of Córdoba. During this blog post we covered 225 km (140 miles) of pavement from Granada to Córdoba. The July temperatures were definitely getting hotter as we continued inland. Riding a motorcycle at 80 kph on … Read More Culturally Colorful Córdoba, Spain

Enjoying the Central Southern Coast of Spain

While in Granada we though it would be a great idea to make a day trip and ride towards the coastal town of the Granada and Málaga. Angela had also mentioned that we would really enjoy a hike along the slot canyon and river of Rio Chillar. Map of our day’s journey: We went from Granada, to the southern coast, and back again – … Read More Enjoying the Central Southern Coast of Spain