Culturally Colorful C贸rdoba, Spain

馃棑: 28 Jul | 馃實: Providences of Granada and C贸rdoba, Spain Our motorcycle travels continue west along the southern coast of Spain as we leave the city of Granada and make our way inland to the culturally colorful city of C贸rdoba. During this blog post we covered 225 km (140 miles) of pavement from GranadaContinue reading “Culturally Colorful C贸rdoba, Spain”

Enjoying the Central Southern Coast of Spain

馃棑: 21 Jul | 馃實: Providences of Granada and M谩laga, Spain Map of our day鈥檚 journey: We went from Granada, to the southern coast, and back again – 229 km (142 miles). After a one-hour ride to our destination we were greated with… …this disappointing news – PROHIBIDO! We were really looking forward to hikingContinue reading “Enjoying the Central Southern Coast of Spain”

Hiking the Sierra Nevadas of Granada, Spain

馃棑: 12 Jul | 馃實: Providence of Granada, Spain One of the main advantages of staying at Airbnb style homes is the wonderful people you often meet. Angela, our host in Granada, did a exceptional job of making us feel at home during our stay at Granada. She is an avid hiker and invited usContinue reading “Hiking the Sierra Nevadas of Granada, Spain”

The Gorgeous City of Granada, Spain

馃棑: 05 Jul | 馃實: Granada, Spain Our travels are now in full swing as we continue clockwise around Spain to the city of Granada, Spain. Our main reason for coming here was to visit the famous Alhambra Palace. Normally, one would have to reserve tickets weeks in advance to see this attraction, however dueContinue reading “The Gorgeous City of Granada, Spain”

Exploring the Providence of Almar铆a, Spain

馃棑: 28 Jun | 馃實: Providence of Almer铆a, Spain This weeks progress was just 330 km of riding southwest from the providence of Murcia to Almer铆a. Monday, 22 June This week started with a note. A note to Maria thanking her for hosting us for the last three months. I don鈥檛 think we could haveContinue reading “Exploring the Providence of Almar铆a, Spain”

Leaving Murcia Feels Bittersweet

馃棑: 21 Jun | 馃實: Region of Murcia, Spain Today is the end of the State of Alarm here in Spain! Today, the country鈥檚 borders will be reopened to Europe and free movement between regions will resume for the first time since March 14. The last three months have had its shares of up andContinue reading “Leaving Murcia Feels Bittersweet”

Riding the Trans Euro Trail, Murcia, Spain

馃棑: 13 Jun | 馃實: Region of Murcia, Spain 鈥淐hange is the only constant in life.鈥 ~Heraclitus We never intended to ride the Trans Euro Train in Spain. Our original plan was to travel mostly pavement, visiting each of the virtual push-pins from our online map of places we wanted to see in Spain. TheContinue reading “Riding the Trans Euro Trail, Murcia, Spain”

Ode to Apache – A Mule of a Motorcycle

馃棑: 31 May | 馃實: Region of Murcia, Spain This week the odometer on my 2012 BMW G650GS Sert茫o motorcycle passed through 50,000 miles. We were riding through the city of Cartagena, Spain. A place we鈥檝e been since the Spanish Prime Minister declared a State of Alarm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am oftenContinue reading “Ode to Apache – A Mule of a Motorcycle”

Phase II with Ups and Downs

馃棑: 26 May | 馃實: Region of Murcia, Spain The country of Spain continues to maintain its 鈥淪tate of Alarm鈥 – a condition it鈥檚 been in for 73 days now. Our region of Murcia has low enough COVID-19 cases that it has reached Phase II which means a bit more freedom for its citizens. MostContinue reading “Phase II with Ups and Downs”

Phase 1 = More Freedom!

This week was the beginning of Phase 1 for our region of Murcia and 51 percent of the rest of Spain. Phase 1 is the first time we are allowed to ride our motorcycles for anything other than getting groceries, visiting a pharmacy, or emergencies since March 14th. Yeah, nearly two months! 馃棑: 11 MayContinue reading “Phase 1 = More Freedom!”

Freedom is Just Over the Horizon

馃棑: 08 May 2020 | 鉁忥笍: Travis Gill Next week we鈥檒l have been in quarantine for almost two months! If you told me that we would be in this position two months ago, I would have never believed you. Two months ago, on March 8th, we had just entered the French city of Millau andContinue reading “Freedom is Just Over the Horizon”

The Spanish State of Alarm is Taking its Toll

馃棑: 25 Apr 2020 | 鉁忥笍: Travis Gill This week was a bit tougher emotionally for me… I think one of the main reasons for this was that the mandatory quarantine of Spain has gone on longer than I initially imagined. When it started, I felt like it would last a month before the COVID-19Continue reading “The Spanish State of Alarm is Taking its Toll”

Sitting it out in Southern Spain

馃棑: 16 Apr 2020 | 鉁忥笍: Travis Gill I鈥檓 writing this from a relaxing porch of a traditional Spanish home located near Cartagena. The temperature is a comfortable 21C (70F) and the skies are cloudy but not enough to block out the occasional rays of warm sunshine that sweep across my face. All around meContinue reading “Sitting it out in Southern Spain”

Things are Continuing to Look Up

馃棑: 6 Apr 2020 | 鉁忥笍: Travis Gill Spain has been one of the countries hit especially hard by COVID-19. As of today, it is just behind the United States in number of infected cases. Considering that the country of Spain is similar in size to Texas, and twice the population, this is substantial. SpainContinue reading “Things are Continuing to Look Up”

Looking Up

馃棑: 28 Mar 2020 | 鉁忥笍: Travis Gill I wish I could start out this week鈥檚 update with incredibly beautiful pictures of southern Spain, Morocco, and Portugal! This, simply, is not the case as we continue to be part of a strict country-wide ban on non-essential travel. Spain was especially hit hard with the COVID-19Continue reading “Looking Up”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is Changing Things

馃棑: 15 Mar 2020 | 鉁忥笍: Travis Gill It鈥檚 been an interesting week. If I had to sum it up in one word it would be CORONAVIRUS! It has hit Europe especially hard including France, and Spain 鈥 the two countries we鈥檝e been traveling through this past week. Although Chantil and I have discussed theContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) is Changing Things”

Searching for Southern Sun

馃棑: 8 Mar 2020 | 鉁忥笍: Travis Gill It鈥檚 been a interesting week full of excitement and a few disappointments… First the disappointments: I realized too late that we were supposed to finish the payment on our ferry from France to Morocco. The instructions were sent to me in Italian and I failed to translatedContinue reading “Searching for Southern Sun”

21 Famous Alp Passes in 8 Days

Before I came to Europe I had never heard of passes named Gro脽glockenspiel, Furka, Albula, Klausen or Susten. Yet, anyone who has ridden motorcycles in Europe, has either rode or dreams of riding these passes someday. Well, it鈥檚 my turn – My time to ride some of the most beautiful passes in all the world!!Continue reading “21 Famous Alp Passes in 8 Days”