I don’t particularly like doing product reviews. I would rather reminisce over memories of our travel videos than shoot, edit, and publish product review videos. However, when George, the inventor of The Helmet Hook, reached out to provide a review, I said “Why not?” It’s been a wonderful product that has served us well over the last 5 years of motorcycling.

The Problem

Our G650GS motorcycles didn’t come with a means to hang or lock our helmets to the frame. This is a problem, since we regularly leave our motorcycles when we travel and don’t like the idea of having to carry them around with us. We initially felt we could just place them on the side-view mirrors but this didn’t work so well because we kept having to readjust the mirrors after the helmet would knock them out of position. In addition, there was no way to lock them to the mirrors. There had to be a solution…

The Solution

After a short “google search”, we came across a website called The Helmet Hook that seemed to be a solution to our problem. We ordered a pair of them, with the accessory lock and key, and they were shipped two days later.

Mounting on the Handlebars

Once they arrived we decided to install them on the handlebars, similar to the other bikes on their website. However, we ran into a few problems:

  1. We had trouble properly aligning our Barkbuster aluminum hand-guards with the extra width of the hook.
  2. The hook and helmet would rub against the tank area of our motorcycles when the handlebars were in their parked and locked position.
  3. Our particular “riding style” includes dropping the bikes during challenging off-road terrain and they often land on their handlebars.
Mounting on the Tail Rack

Ultimately, we decided to mount the hooks on the tail rack of our bikes, where they would be safe from dropped damage, be convenient to use, and opposite the hot exhaust that is on the right side of our G650GSs.


There isn’t anything negative we can say about this product. It’s so simple and effective that it just works – flawlessly. It’s held our helmets for over 5 years and 50,000 miles of use without any problems. Would we recommend it? Whole heartedly – two thumbs up. Order yours at: TheHelmetHook.com

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