Illyria Raid – Day 6 of 7

🗓: 13 Sep | 🌍: Bjelasnica to Kupres, Bosnia

Day 6 was one of our shortest days as we ride through Bosnia 🇧🇦. The feeling that this is going to end soon is starting to sink in.

Our favorite sections of Bosnia were the two sections of high prairie lands with wonderful tracks cutting across the vastness of beauty.

Low laying hills and golden grass for miles and miles.

Signs to places I can’t pronounce. The languages here are Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian!

The paved section took us by this emerald colored lake.

Another off-road section through some forested roads provided this view at the top.

A fellow North American! This is Michael, a Canadian who we met on the trail going the opposite way towards Montenegro. Check out his jacket – We’re twinsies!!

Beautiful country…

…but it helps to have a GPS since much of the signs look like this…

…or this. I wonder if our children’s children will even know what a road sign is once they have GPS retinal inserts.

I was enjoying the great weather, solitude, and beautiful scenery when…

…My worst crash yet. Excuse the cuss word, I just finished throwing myself and my mule on a rocky dirt road. 😠

I didn’t expect to film my crash since I only record short clips when I see something interesting or have a comment to make. Fortunately, I was able to capture it all, quite by accident, with the wonder of GoPro. Nice!

Falling was my biggest concern during the Illyria Raid since crashing/laying down my mule was extremely likely during the week-long 2200 km even. I was fortunate that it just knocked the wind out of me and bruised some ribs. A broken collarbone or cracked rib would have been the end of the trip.

Adam enjoying a wooden tower on the side of the trail.

Signs from different countries interest me, especially ones with children crashing through a yield sign!

Admittedly, I don’t know much about Bosnia other than the armed conflict that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992 and 1995. This memorial was places to honor the dead.

The memorial was made of millions of tiny ceramic tiles!

After the memorial, we rode the last 3 km to the hotel and enjoyed talking to many of the other riders. It was nice to arrive at the hotel early for a change. 😜

Enjoy some video highlights from Day 6!

Tomorrow will be our last day of the raid. 😔 Check it out on PAGE 8