Illyria Raid – Day 3 of 7
🗓: 10 Sep | 🌍: Pogradec to Tirana, Albania

312 km!! Our mentality is more adventure minded than race minded so our pace is quite slow compared to the other folks. So we decided to cut off the first loop which means Macedonia 🇲🇰 will not be on the agenda this time ☹️. 240 km with most of it being off-road is still a long day. See you in Tirana, Albania 🇦🇱…

Albanians drive CRAZY! I can imagine the wrecking yards are full of vehicles just like this one.

Some of the UK riders traveling past us.

The main off-road section provided lots of picturesque landscape.

Cows, goats, horses, and donkeys are just tied to an anchored rope. No fences, just a bunch of tethered animals. Roaming wherever. This is going to nearly cause an accident later in the day…

The views continued to impress as we climbed higher and higher.

Adam was a rockstar on his 250cc Yamaha.

We stopped to wave and ask if we could take a picture. He agreed!

We rode our motorbikes up some pretty heinous hills full of various rocks in all their angryness! But the view at top made it all worth the effort.

Picturesque landscapes ALWAYS look better with a motorcycle. 😁

Taking a moment to take it all in. Albania, you continue to impress!

Another UK rider that I spoke with the very first day of the Riad. Apparently he went down hard a few days before the Raid and fractured his wrist. He decided to go ahead and ride it anyways. Hardcore!

Adam enjoying the beautiful day and our success at climbing the mountain road to this incredible view.

On the descend we rode by many beautiful farming villas.

Thousands of switchbacks going up and down.

The last trail portion of the ride provided views of the capital city of Albania – Tirana.

Doing good Apache! Sorry I drop you on the trail so much buddy.

We came across an old hotel sign…

Now it just reads Hotel ‘M’.

Islam is the primary religion in Albania and small mosques are in most towns.

Remember the animals tethered to ropes without fences? This donkey had his rope stretched across the trail we were riding on and I almost got my rear wheel stuck in it. Imagine me trying to maintain control of my motorcycle while dragging a donkey down the trail while some Albanian farmer is chasing me with a shovel!!

Driving on the streets of Tiranais was mental! The GPS route to the hotel was riddled with traffic and I didn’t see a single traffic light. Intersection seem like “free for alls”. Pure CRAZY, but in a strange way it was also fun – In a lawless, wild-west, kinda way!

Once we arrived at the hotel for the night we had our bikes and riding suit washed. Cost: 1 euro or 100 lek!

Enjoy a summary video of Day 3.

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