Illyria Raid – Day 4 of 7
🗓: 11 Sep | 🌍: Tirana, Albania to Kolasin, Montenegro

Today we will be leaving Albania and heading to Montenegro – Our third country of the trip. With our “take our time and remember the experience pace”, 450km is WAY TO MANY KM for one day so we shortened it to just the first off-road section and then took to the pavement for the rest of the day.

The hotel had some interesting black-and-white artwork. This piece reminds me of Albanian streets – chaos!

The hotel seemed nice but we hardly enjoyed it because we check in, eat, get a brief on the next day, and then go to bed in order to get enough sleep for the next day.

We didn’t get a super early start so we had to deal with the chaos of Tirana traffic. Not how I like to start my day, but before long we were leaving town and enjoying the dirt under our tires once again.

An abandoned structure now looks like a home for squatters.

A former People’s Republic of Albania monument has become a target for shooting practice. This part of the trail seemed to have a lot of memories of the former Stalinist style of government that ended in 1998.

This area was the first defense during the hay-day of the Soviet Union. These bunkers were built all along the border from the 1960 to the 1980s. By 1983 a total of 173,371 bunkers had been constructed with 5.7 bunkers per every square kilometer!

A concrete fence post and barbed wire provides a reminder of a former military compound.

An interesting home in the mountains of Albania.

We came across this abandoned structure that looks like it used to be a church.

The cracking cement and brickwork looked interesting.

Mountains and evergreen trees!

Anytime you climb into the mountains expect switchbacks!

Once we reached pavement we were rewarded with amazing views of the incredible green colored river.

We notice this suspension bridge and decided to take a detour to see it up close.

Half of it looked like it was freshly restored…

The other half looked like this! It was a bit sketchy walking out to this section for the picture.

There was quite a long line waiting to enter Montenegro. Once we reached the customs booth, there was a little issue with my proof of insurance because it didn’t list my German plate number – only the model and VIN. Once I showed the VIN, the customs guy seems fine with it, stamped my passport, and send us on our merry way. A little delay…

…but the incredible mountain views and roads of Montenegro were worth it.

We didn’t stop too much because we were losing daylight but I did enjoy the steep cliffs rising from the river below. This stretch of road was some of the most enjoyable pavement so far.

It is sometimes easy to lose track of what day it is when your on vacation, but I didn’t fail to remember that today was 9-11. It doesn’t seem that long ago but there is a entire generation starting college this year that were born after 11 Sep 2001. Even through, I was half a world away, I took some time to remember the 2,977 victims of this senseless and horrific act that killed citizens from over 90 different countries.

Video highlight of Day 4.

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