Illyria Raid – Day 1 of 7
🗓: 8 Sep | 🌍: Ionnina to Kastoria, Greece

Day 1’s route is 270 km of riding from Ionnina to Kastoria, Greece and will have four off-road sections. I’m riding a pretty big bike compared to most of the other riders so we’ll see how it goes!

We passed through a handful of small Greek town today with their narrow roads and brick buildings with red clay shingled roofs.

The views were breathtaking and often reminded me of my home state of Colorado.

My BMW 650 and Adam’s Yamaha 250. I think he had more fun on a smaller bike.

Some unique trees along the trail.

In the morning we climbed a mountain trail that rewarded us with views of the clouds in the valley below.

We saw a lot of stray dogs along the trail.

Much of the roads today looked like this. It is best to avoid coming around corners at too fast a speed.

The late afternoon blesses us with this view of the sun and clouds.

Signs to places I can’t pronounce.

Overall is was a wonderful day of riding a variety of off-road trails and remote two lane roads.

We came down this blissful road!

Memorials can be often seen dotting the roadside.

There was a small section of beautifully restored road as well!

I destroyed any notions of not dropping my mule on the first day! We came across a section of trail that had a recent rain shower and it made the trail muddy and super-slick. I ended up dropping the bike twice in the slippery mess.

The last part of the route took us through some prairie farm land.

A great day of riding and enjoying the countryside of Greece!

Enjoy this video highlighting Day 1 of the Illyria Raid.

By the end of the day we covered 270 km from Ionnina, Greece to Kastoria, Greece. The off-road sections were not too difficult but they were long. Adam and I ended up riding for 11.25 hours today!

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