Illyria Raid – Day 2 of 7
🗓: 9 Sep | 🌍: Kastoria, Greece to Pogradec, Albania

Today the raid covered 215 km from Kastoria, Greece to Pogradec. Albania.

The first climb rewarded us with some incredible views of Lake Orestiada, Greece.

Once we entered Albania, the mode and environment changed – People were obviously much poorer but they seemed to wave and smile more.

Shortly after I snapped this picture, I stopped to tighten a loose screw on my windscreen. While I was tightening the screw, Adam went into SPASTIC MODE waving his arms and pulling his helmet off!?! What is going on?…

It turns out there was a spider LIVING IN ADAM’S HELMET!!?! He wasn’t sure how long it was in there but he was glad that is didn’t decide to crawl on his face while he was riding. If that had happened to me and if I had packed a flame-thrower, I would have burned the spider and helmet into a molten plastic mess on this remote dirt road of Albania. Frightening! PTSD stuff for sure!

This is Omni, one of two boys who saw us park our motorcycles to take some pictures. They ran towards us and wanted to see the motorcycles up close. I offered to let them both sit on the seat but they shyly declined. They did each have a chance to start the engine and rev the motor though!

In every small town we passed through there were kids who wanted to give us high-fives and cheer us on as we rode through their neighborhoods. It made Albania one of my favorite countries of the raid.

Another beautiful day for exploring the backroads of another country – Albania 🇦🇱!

While trying to avoid a large muddy section, I got stuck in a deep marsh and the motorcycle fell over. After we got it back upright, Adam noticed the chain has come off. Fortunately this is about a 10 minute fix and I had all the tools to take care of it on the trail.

The supplied lunches were traditional meals from the local area and were very delicious. I could gain a lot of weight eating in the Balkans!

A nice home for Apache, don’t you think?

We explored this church building built in the early 1700s.

The wooden rafters of the ceiling contrasted against the stone pillars and walls of the church building.

A unique and modern building surprised me in this small town’s visitors center. We stopped at a nearby resturant to enjoy a couple coca-colas before continuing along the route.

The end of the day brought us to some highland prairie lands that offered some wonderful views.

One of my favorite pictures and memories of beautiful Albania.

Video highlights of Day 2. Overall, the off-road sections were challenging with many steep rocky hills, lots of rutted trails, and a long rocky stream section.

We ended up riding for 12 hours today and had to skip the last off-road portion in order to make it to the hotel before dark.

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