One of the main advantages of staying at Airbnb style homes is the wonderful people you often meet. Angela, our host in Granada, did a exceptional job of making us feel at home during our stay at Granada. She is an avid hiker and invited us to join her for a few sunset walks among the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Angela organizes a sunset hike and it’s definitely worth your time and money. Check it out here:

Prior to traveling Spain, when I thought of the Sierra Nevadas my mind immediately thinks of the mountain range in the Central Valley of California in the United States. Some years ago we hiked to the top of the highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada range – Mount Whitney. Although the hikes, we enjoyed with Angela, were not as difficult as hiking the 41,505 ft (4,421 m) to the top of Mount Whitney, they were just as memorable…

Boca de la Pescá

Our sunset hike was a 6 kilometer (3.8 mile) hike to the peak of Boca de la Pescá. We started hiking at 8 PM to coorspond with seeing the peak at sunset of 9:30 PM.

Near the trailhead is a small home with great views of the nearby mountain peaks and valleys.

Flowers, in all their beautiful colors, were in full bloom.

Kira, one of Angela’s rescue dogs, joined us for the hike. Kira is leashed, because she likes to chase the goats that climb the steep and rocky cliffs here.

Gorgeous views of the surrounding peaks.

Kira, Angela, and Chantil walking through the golden fields of wild wheat.

Fields of gold!

We came across the skull of on Ibex mountain goat.

More beautiful views during the “golden hour” of photography.

We spotted some young Ibexs playing on the rocks nearby.

It’s common for memorial plaques to be placed for hikers that have passed on from this Earthly life. This one reads “The Shadow of the Alayos guards your spirit. In memory of a good hiker and my best friend. Juan 2012”

Hiker pose. The key to a successful hiker pose: a peak, walking stick or pole, a pack, and a look of deep contemplation 😆

A nice shot of the setting sun through the forest.

Near the peak is this lookout station. The forest ranger spoke to us for a short time and explained that a dog had recently needed to be rescued from the nearby cliff because it had gone to chase some goats and couldn’t get back from the steep cliff side.

Almost sunset!

We made it to the peak just in time to watch the sun descend over the Sierra Nevadas to the west.

The mountain peaks and clouds to the east glow with a pinking hue created by the setting sun.

Enjoying the last little bit of sun and ending another beautiful day.

The city of Granada lights up the valley below.

Buenas noches Granada. Hasta mañana.

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  1. The sunset walk is beautiful. We have to work on our hiking posture 🙃😉😉😁

    • We are considering the idea of working on our hiking posture as well by hiking for a week on the Camino de Santiago.

  2. Beautiful shots! And very important also for the hiker pose the cap or the adventurer hat!

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