Spain has been one of the countries hit especially hard by COVID-19. As of today, it is just behind the United States in number of infected cases. Considering that the country of Spain is similar in size to Texas, and twice the population, this is substantial. Spain currently has 135,000 reported cases and it’s growing each day.

However, things have started to improve. The last four days have seen reductions in the number of new cases each day. The number of daily deaths is also half of what it was four days ago. It seems that Spain has turned the curve – However, it is far from flat.

New cases have dropped the last four days.
Deaths have also dropped over the last three days.
Recoveries are also increasing.

Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánch has asked congress to approve a quarantine of Spain to extend until April 26th. Basically another three weeks of staying put. Travel will be limited to grocery and pharmacy, essential work, and emergencies. A couple of US travelers on motorcycles? Not a chance.

Today we reached out to the US consulate in Valencia and we received even more good news! Our 90-day visa requirement is not ticking – it’s been suspended while the country wide quarantine is in place. In short, we’ve only used 18 days so far. If travel resumes after April 26th, we could still continue north to the UK and then to the Scandinavian countries for summer.

More good news! I finished episode 4 of our viajarMOTO travel vlog. I expect that we will have two more video episodes before the travel ban was put into place. Something to look forward to!

Until next week!

🗓: 6 Apr 2020 | ✏️: Travis Gill

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  1. Yes, after Dali and the miniature museums I see that the canned sardines amusement park in Lisbon would fit very well in your series.

    • Can’t wait. Hopefully Portugal will let us in after thing loosen up a bit. We’ll plead to the border control that “we heard about this amazing amusement park for sardines” that we have to see before we die.

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