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21 Famous Alp Passes in 8 Days

Before I came to Europe I had never heard of passes named Großglockenspiel, Furka, Albula, Klausen or Susten. Yet, anyone who has ridden motorcycles in Europe, has either rode or dreams of riding these passes someday. Well, it’s my turn – My time to ride some of the most beautiful passes in all the world!! The route planning started well into last year with … Read More 21 Famous Alp Passes in 8 Days

Illyria Raid 2019 – Balkans

I never had any aspirations to ride a raid until I was approached by Adam, a co-worker who knew I liked to ride motorcycles off-road. After a bit of research it seemed like a fun opportunity but I still had my reservations:• Chantil and I were planning to ride through the Alps and the dates of the Illyria Raid would conflict.• I have never … Read More Illyria Raid 2019 – Balkans


La voie de la Liberté (Liberty Road) – France

This 1,146-kilometer commemorative roadway marks the route of the Allied forces from the D-Day landings of Normandy, France to Bastogne, Belgium. Our plan was to ride the entire route and learn more about the history of WWII. Day 1 – 9 Apr Today we explored Utah Beach, Utah Beach Landing Museum, Sainte-Mère-Église, Dead Man’s Corner, The D-Day Experience, and the Eglise Notre Dame des … Read More La voie de la Liberté (Liberty Road) – France


Trans Euro Trail – Belgium

After a short break to avoid a few days of rain, we returned to the border of Netherland and Belgium to start the next portion of the TET – Belgium! Just a few days before we completed riding the Netherland TET and were looking forward to more offroad excitement. The Trans Euro Trail continues heading southwest, starting at the Netherland border and winding through … Read More Trans Euro Trail – Belgium


Iceland – Bridge Between Continents (Part 2 of 3)

The journey continues counter clockwise around the incredible country of Iceland. During PART 1 we flew to Reykjavik, picked up our two motorcycles that were shipped a month prior, and rode through the barren center of Iceland via the F-26 and F-831. We finished day 6 at a mountain hut in the remote regions of the Western Fjords. Iceland 🇮🇸 Day 7 of 18🗓: … Read More Iceland – Bridge Between Continents (Part 2 of 3)

Baja Para Dos – Nine-Day Adventure in Baja Mexico

Ever since we discovered adventure motorcycling, my wife, Chantil, and I have dreamed of riding Baja. This was our first motorcycle trip outside the protective womb of the USA and I was a bit nervious if not a little scared. To calm the concerns I planned, planned, and planned some more. The following is just a small glimpse into the planning process. Perhaps it … Read More Baja Para Dos – Nine-Day Adventure in Baja Mexico

AZBDR – Two Noobs, Two Mules, Two Weeks Off…

The Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDRs) are a network of off-road oriented trails that travel through some states in the United States. At the time of this trip, there were were trails in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. The trails are designed so that a heavy adventure bike can ride through them and experience a multi-day adventure that is often full … Read More AZBDR – Two Noobs, Two Mules, Two Weeks Off…