Day 5 – 13 Apr

Day 5 and our final day of the Liberty Road. We rode through the following cities and towns along the Liberty Road:

  • Gravelotte liberated on 13 December 1944
  • Nancy liberated on 15 September
  • Rozérieulles liberated on 20 November
  • Metz liberated on 19 November
  • Thionville liberated on 12 September
  • Luxembourg City liberated on 10 September
  • Arlon liberated on 10 September
  • Bastogne liberated on 10 September

That is frost on my mule!! It was -2°C last night. Thankfully we stayed nice and warm in our sleeping bags…

…but getting up and packing for the day was not enjoyable.

Along the route I noticed a French cemetery.

All the headstones were French soldiers from WWI.

Morning sun shining through the French flag 🇫🇷

A beautiful, but cold, morning in the French countryside.

More needless deaths of 1916. Behind these names where countless tears shed by mothers of lost soldiers.

We stopped near an France army base and took this picture next to this tank.

A unique windmill in the countryside and rolling hills of France.

For lunch we stopped at this restaurant. We were the first customers of the day, but within 30 minutes, all the tables were filled with people enjoying the Saturday afternoon with family and friends.

Although nobody spoke English, we were able to successfully order a delicious ham with potatoes. The ham was cooked in this large oven.

Plenty of food and drink for the two us cost €16.20

As we traveled through one town we came across this vending machine for bread! A couple, driving the red car, thought this was a great idea as well.

A Pegasus farm!! Now that is something I would like to see!

Église Saint Maximin Church, Metz, France

This is not one of those grand cathedrals that rises from a central courtyard with spires that reach towards heaven; it is a small church sandwiched between dated apartment buildings. It’s not the buildings architecture that makes it stand out; it’s the unique stained-glass windows.

The windows were the final project of avant-garde artist Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau. He was a French poet, writer, designer, playwright, filmmaker, and stained-glass artist.

His unique designs were abstract and cubism with blue hues. Much of his work was compared to Chagall and Picasso.

The church also doubled as an art gallery which featured these textured cloth sculptures that were lit from the center.

The windows drew controversy, since they were significantly more experimental than the stained glass in most Catholic churches.

Beautiful abstract artwork decorated the church walls.

More of the sculpted cloth that creating sharp lines and abstract textures for my camera’s eye.

I was interested in this statue of Jesus as a child being held by his father, Joseph. This is unique because I hardly see Joseph being represented; it’s most always Christ’s mother, Mary.

Église Saint Maximin was a nice diversion and a quite place to reflect on the final project of Jean Cocteau.

Liberty Road, Luxembourg & Belgium

Shortly after noon, we arrived to our fifth country of the trip: Germany 🇩🇪 Netherlands 🇳🇱 Belgium 🇧🇪 France 🇫🇷 and Luxembourg 🇱🇺!!

Luxembourg has the cheapest gas we’ve seen in all of our European travels. Still expensive compared to the US: Europes 95 octane is about the same as 87 octane in the USA. 1.256 €/liter = 5.35 $/gal

As we left Luxembourg City we saw this building covered in murals.

I like the use of bright orange and violet colors of this mural.

Unique complimentary orange and blue colors on one side of the building.

Near the end of the day we came across the Monument National des Chasseurs Ardennais – A memorial to all the Belgium resistance fighters during WWII.

End of the road! We made it to Bastogne – 1147 km from Utah Beach!!

Map of our route across France, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

High five! Although it doesn’t look it, this was a bitter cold evening. We could find a nearby hotel for the night or ride two hours to our home in Germany.

We decided to ride home to Germany. We bundled up and made it home just before 10 PM. Operation Liberty Road complete!

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