Netherlands TET Day 2
🗓: 1 Apr | 🌍: Ommen, Netherlands to Emmerich, Germany

Our journey along the Trans Euro Trail continued south(ish) through the Netherlands. Traveling through forested pathways and farm roads has been unique and enjoyable.

Where will the purple line lead us today?

Our hotel included a nice breakfast with the restaurant featuring some framed oil paintings of food.

A swampy area that seemed to capture the eye of my camera.

While traveling through a small town, I noticed this elephant’s back-side painted on a garage door? Not sure why but it’s funny.

A traditional Holland home with a thatched roof and beveled roof lines.

Many of the trails have benches for weary travelers to take a load off.

Just some of the oddities you see while riding in the backcountry. Gotta wonder if there is a lady on the property and what was her reaction to burying a VW Beetle in the yard? 😂

Spring is here and many flowers were blooming.

After seeing all kinds of various farm animals, I was joking with Chantil that I still had not seen a lama. Well, we saw one (actually three) today!

Another windmill in Holland! 🤔 Wooden shoes and windmills.

Crossing under a highway section via a short and narrow tunnel.

We finished the day across the border in Emmerich, Germany where we found a grocery store for dinner and a camp site for sleeping.

I guess we didn’t finish the Netherland portion of the Trans Euro Trail today… Perhaps tomorrow?

Our final day of the NL TET is posted on DAY 4

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  1. Soo basically, you guys are amazing! And Im enjoying traveling with you.

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