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Trans Euro Trail, Croatia – The Road Less Traveled

I remember reading the warning on the Croatia page of the Trans Euro Trail website: “Wherever you see a MINE sign on the side of the road, it is STRICTLY forbidden (not to say very, very foolish) to venture from the road.  Croatia was unfortunately part of the wars of the 90’s. MINE signs along the white roads, in the woods, open fields, wood … Read More Trans Euro Trail, Croatia – The Road Less Traveled

Riding the Trans Euro Trail, Murcia, Spain

We never intended to ride the Trans Euro Train in Spain. Our original plan was to travel mostly pavement, visiting each of the virtual push-pins from our online map of places we wanted to see in Spain. The region of Murcia had a few museums that we wanted to experience in Cartagena – The Roman Theatre and the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Change … Read More Riding the Trans Euro Trail, Murcia, Spain


Trans Euro Trail – Belgium

After a short break to avoid a few days of rain, we returned to the border of Netherland and Belgium to start the next portion of the TET – Belgium! Just a few days before we completed riding the Netherland TET and were looking forward to more offroad excitement. The Trans Euro Trail continues heading southwest, starting at the Netherland border and winding through … Read More Trans Euro Trail – Belgium


Trans Euro Trail – Netherlands

The Trans Euro Trail (TET) is a volunteer community that originated to promote the use of legal off-road riding throughout Europe. It had been some time since we rode our motorcycles on dirt roads so we were very excited to begin a trip through Netherlands 🇳🇱 and Belgium 🇧🇪! We downloaded the routes from http://www.transeurotrail.org, packed our mules, and were on our way! Getting … Read More Trans Euro Trail – Netherlands