A Fairytale Day in Sintra, Portugal

🗓: 20 Jul 2020 | 🌍: Sintra, Portugal Every fairytale seems to have a medieval castle surrounding by glorious scenery, enchanting foods, and an intuition well. Our fairytale day in Sintra has all this and more! Our fairytale day begins and ends with a three-wheeled rickshaw. After parking our motorcycles in the parking area weContinue reading “A Fairytale Day in Sintra, Portugal”

Street Art of Lisbon, Portugal

🗓: 21 Jul 2020 | 🌍: Lisbon, Portugal In 2017, I had my first experience with Europen street art and murals while visiting the northern city of Reykjavik, Iceland. I was impressed by the high artistic quality of many muralists that covered entire building walls. Ever since then, whenever I visit a large city, IContinue reading “Street Art of Lisbon, Portugal”

The Southwestern Coastal Route, Portugal

🗓: 16 Jul 2020 | 🌍: Algarve & Alentejo Regions, Portugal We never intended to be in Portugal this late in the season. Our original plan, back in February, was to enjoy Portugal in May and ride predominately off-road on the Portugal Adventure Country Track (ACT). The ACT is a series of published off-road trailsContinue reading “The Southwestern Coastal Route, Portugal”

Portugal’s Southeastern Algarve Region

🗓: 15 Jul 2020 | 🌍: Region of Algarve, Portugal Over the last three month, the borders between Portugal and Spain had been closed due to COVID-19. As of July 1st, they were reopened to travelers, and we were beyond exited to be finally entering a new country! Crossing the Puente Internacional del Guadiana intoContinue reading “Portugal’s Southeastern Algarve Region”